nbn™ Satellite Support Scheme - Frequently Asked Questions

Are all data allowances based on calendar months or anniversary billing (the day they are connected)?

The data allowances are based on a calendar month and they are pro-rated if a customer joins mid-month. The peak data is strictly for use during peak hours.


How is speed limiting applied?

The speed limiting is applied only to the period (peak or off peak) in which the quota is exceeded and will be applied in near real-time. Removal of the speed limiting will also be in near real-time.


Do you offer data blocks?

We intend to offer peak and off-peak data blocks when IPstar makes the facility available.


How long are plan changes expected to take?

Plan changes will take effect at the next billing cycle (1st day of the month).


Do you offer support for VoIP?

There is no support for VoIP by IPSTAR


What is the fee for early termination of an end user connection?

You must pay the remainder of the 12 month term.


Can end users churn within a 12 month contract?

No, end users can only churn if they have had the service for greater than 12 months and are out of contract.


Is the End User required to comprehensively insure the satellite equipment while in their possession and under their control?

IPSTAR recommends they should, however it is at the discretion of the end user. Please note

IPSTAR will not warrant damaged/stolen/interfered with items.


When does ownership of the satellite equipment pass to the End User? Is it on installation or after the 12 months or some other time?

Ownership is passed to the end user once installation is completed and the service is activated.


Are uploads counted against the Monthly Data Allowance?



CPE ownership is passed to the end user once installation is completed and the service is activated. Does that mean that they can remove the equipment and take it with them if they vacate the premises? If so will new owners/tenants be able to apply for a service?

End users will have to leave the CPE at the premises if they vacate.

Please note that the NSS is tied to the premises, not the end user and is one time only. New owners/tenants will be able to connect to the service provided there is a complete and functioning CPE.


What is the absolute latest we can submit a plan change to the IPSTAR portal and have it be effective by the first of the following calendar month?

An email must be sent to sales@ant.com.au requesting the change. The cut-off time for a plan change is 10.00 am AEST of the last working calendar day of the month. The plan change will be executed on the first day of the new billing month.


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