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ANT Sky Muster™ Plus Critical Information Summary

Information About the Service

nbn™ Sky MusterTM Plus Satellite is part of the Australia’s National Broadband Network internet service to deliver internet connection to your premises.

Mandatory Requirements and Availability

This service is not dependent on any bundling of services. You must be in the nbn™ approved Satellite coverage area to qualify for this service. There must be a clear line of sight to a Sky MusterTM Satellite for the service to be installed. If your premises are eligible for Sky MusterTM the installation of a satellite dish and cabling will be provided by nbn™. A single cable will be run from the dish and the installer will then drill a small hole through your wall and feed the cable through into a wall plate that will be installed inside the house. A cable runs from there to the Network Termination Device, which is a satellite broadband modem.

Minimum Term

Casual Contract: One month
12 months Contract: 12 months

Inclusion, exclusions and important conditions, limitations, restrictions or qualifications.

nbn™ subsidies the installation which includes: Satellite dish, Wall Outlet, Network Terminating Device (NTD) and Power Supply Unit(s); external cabling from the dish and internal cabling up to the Network Termination Device. This equipment remains the property of nbn™ and is serviced and maintained by nbn™. nbn’sTM boundary of responsibility stops at the data port (UNI-D). The removal/moving of the dish is strictly prohibited and can only be carried out by arrangement with an nbn™ installer. The Network Terminating Device provides one Ethernet connection per subscribed internet service. If you wish to have Wi-Fi coverage to share the internet connection around the premises you will require an nbn™ ready Wireless Router. To gain the full benefit of the nbn™ satellite speeds you should have a nbn™ ready router. ANT Communications can supply you with the nbn™ ready router for an additional cost of $149.00 including postage or, you can provide your own nbn™ ready router. Plans are based on the peak speed of your chosen plan. Speed for customers will be dependent on location, signal strength, volume of traffic through the network, your equipment, software and download source. Sky Muster PlusTM data plans use “peak” and “off-peak” data allowance. Peak hours as defined by nbn™ are between 7.00 am and 1.00 am in your local time zone. Data usage is counted in both directions so if you download 10GB of data and upload 5GB of data that is counted as 15GB. SkyMusterTM Plus now provides the benefit of unmetered and metered data usage. Unmetered is defined by nbn™ as traffic that does not contribute to your data usage. These special traffic categories include email, social media posts (excluding video) and updates for operating systems. Traffic through a VPN (Virtual Private Network), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and video call services are also metered.

ANT Acceptable Use Policy

The Ant Acceptable Use Policy sets out the rules and guidelines relating to the use of your internet and telephone service. The Ant Acceptable Use Policy is available to our website

Excess Usage

The metered component of SkyMusterTM Plus is shaped so there are no surprise charges. “Shaped” means that speeds of metered content will be reduced to 512/256kbps when your metered data allowance in any month has been reached in peak periods. For the off peak period, the shaping speeds are 2048/256kbps. If you have breached nbn™ Sky MusterTM Plus Fair Use Policy, nbn™ may impose service reductions to your internet service. The nbn™ SkyMusterTM Plus Fair Use Policy is available online on the nbn™ website. Data top ups are not available for this product/service. Certain games and other highly interactive software (e.g. share trading / live-streaming) which require low network latency are known to perform poorly (or not work at all) on satellite broadband services and so ANT deems the service as provided unsuitable for those purposes. Your maximum throughput will be lower than the given Peak Information Rate for your Plan and can be affected by: overheads imposed by Ethernet and other protocols you use such as TCP/IP, the Internet server you are accessing, the network between nbn™ and the server you are accessing, the network between nbn™ and your service, and local factors such as the performance of your computer equipment including your network router and wireless network. Your data is reset on the first of every month.

Information about Pricing

Services require a valid direct bank debit from the Applicants nominated bank account or credit / debit card. Subscriptions are payable 1 month in advance via valid direct Bank Debit or Credit card or via BPAY/Direct Transfer. The first and last months are billed on a pro rata basis. All plans operate at up to 25/5mbps with capacity to burst up to and over 50/20mbps.

Minimum Monthly Charge

ANT Communications 12 month contract plans powered by nbn™ Sky MusterTM Plus:
Plan 50/50 100/100 150/150
Peak data (7am-1am) 50GB 100GB 150GB
Off-Peak data (1am-7am) 50GB 100GB 150GB
12 Month Contract Price $59.95 $99.95 $149.95
Casual Contract Price (Monthly) $79.95 $119.95 $169.95

Maximum Monthly Charge

Standard monthly fee.

Set Up Fee

There is no set up fee

Early Termination Charge

All Plan Cancellations require 30 days notice in writing. Cancellation Payments will be processed at the time of receipt of your cancellation notice. Casual Contract – No cancellation fees. 12 Month Contract – Full cost of the remaining contract.

Customer Service Contact Details

Postal Address: PO Box 220 Rockhampton City, QLD, 4700


Phone: 02 6619 5500 or 1300 268 266 email:

Technical Support

Phone 02 6619 5500 or 1300 268 266 email:


Phone 02 6619 5500 or 1300 268 266 email:

Dispute Resolution Process

If you have a problem or complaint about your service please visit our website or email:

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

If you feel you are unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman by phone on 1800 062 058. Additional information can also be found at download this document