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Packet Loss Issue on NBN satellite - All Services

Severity: Medium

Status: In Progress

Date Started: Friday 9th March 2018 09:00 AEDT
Expected End Time: To Be Advised.

There was a small outage this morning 9/03/2018 for roughly an hour it has now ceased.

ANT Communications would like to thank our loyal customers for being so patient whilst we work with NBN in regards to a service reliability issue that has been impacting some of our Customers who use the NBN satellite service.

NBN and ANT Communications have been working hard to try and identify and isolate the root cause. We believe that we may have broken the back of the issues, with current results from the weekend looking promising.

We recommend that any satellite customers cease using ping plotter and possibly UNINSTALL the software. Should data be required going forward, our support staff will guide you through the steps required to gather any additional information that may assist in trouble shooting your connection.

ANT Communications will be working directly with those customers that may continue to experience impacted services, and will provide a further update shortly.

Packet Loss Issue on NBN satellite - All Services - All Services

Severity: High

Status: In Progress

Date Started: Tuesday 27th February 2018 11:15 AEDT
Expected End Time: Tuesday 27th February 2018 17:00 AEDT

There is currently an outage on the NBN satellite network 27/02/2018 starting at roughly 11.15 am Apart from this outage on the satellite there is also a packet loss issue that has been causing problems on the NBN satellite for a few weeks. ANT Communications sent notifications out to customers regarding this last week and also placed a message on our Facebook page and the ANT website. We are continuing to see some pockets of issues with LTS service so it appears it is still current. NBN have put together a technical team to try and find the root cause and are continue to investigate. We thank you for your patience

Packet Loss Issue on NBN satellite - All Services

Severity: High

Status: In Progress

Region: National
Date Started: Wednesday 21st February 2018 08:00 AEDT
Expected End Time: To Be Advised.

We have recently received an increase in complaints from NBN Satellite customers, NBN is currently being affected by a packet loss issue within the Satellite network that is causing drops in service and a perceived slowing of service.

NBN and ANT Communications are working together on isolating the cause and are in the process of investigating, we are hopeful we can eradicate the issue as soon as possible.

As part of this investigation we require to make some changes within the network that may affect certain satellite customers. To improve the stability of the network NBN we will be restricting the DHCP (connection) type to Unicast. Settings for this type of connection (Unicast) are not available for some Belkin and D-Links routers, so this may affect those who use these brands.

These changes will take effect today briefly, so if you experience problems with your connection on this date or within 24 hours of this date, then this could be due to the type/brand of your router.

If this is the case you can always cable your PC/Laptop direct to the NBN Modem for an internet connection.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, at this point the direction from NBN is necessary to allow a better service and increased stability on the Satellite.

Regardless of the Blue light you can always perform a Power cycle to your NBN Modem if you are part of outage or your internet stops working, this means actually REMOVING THE POWER CABLE (Black Cable) completely from the NBN Modem for at least 20 minutes.

Before turning the power back on you should also try connecting the Network Cable (Usually Blue) directly from the NBN Modem to your Computer, so that it is NOT plugged into any Wifi Router or other devices.

ANT Communications thanks you for your patience at this time.