Portable Satellite Equipment

ANT Portable Internet System is designed for camping, caravan and motorhome use. It is constructed from quality materials and is simple and quick to setup.

Absolutely NO tools required (Other than your WiFi enabled Laptop).





Manual Setup

The High quality, custom designed tripod mount with simple, easy to use micro-adjustment. The ability to make tiny adjustments during the setup and pointing of the satellite dish take the frustration out of the procedure. A digital electronic satellite finder guides you through the alignment process. The digital Inclinometer shows you the exact angle that the dish is pointing (no more trying to read inaccurate marks on mountings designed for fixed installations).



Easy storage – the aluminium case is provided. A Carpet Lined Vinyl Dish carry bag is also available if required as an optional extra.

When not in use the dish can be stored on or under the bed


Carry bags for Portable Equipment
Case 1
Case 2


Auto Seeking Unit

Our new auto seeking unit has been designed and manufactured for Australian conditions. Perfect for quick set up with the push of a button.


Datastar Stowed
Datastar Deployed
Photo of trailer open




Manual System

The complete system with absolutely everything you need to give you broadband internet wherever you care to travel is now just $3,450.00 (plus postage). We also provide a fully preconfigured wireless router.

Place your order today and the system will be carefully packaged and sent to you via courier post. If you are travelling, it can be sent to any Post Office for you to pick up. What could be simpler? Trust ANT, the people that made portable satellite internet possible, to now make it easier and more affordable!


Auto Seeking

The Auto Seeking Unit (excluding installation) is $15,000.